SAIC Auditorium
November, 6 2008
Artist Talk with Ray Noland
Talk at 6PM.
280 South Columbus Drive

July, 22 2008
Gonna be one of the judges for the Obama Car Art Contest by INFECTIOUS. Get yourself tight and submit a design!

June, 22 2008
Coast-to-Coast poster is back! Now hand screen-printed by CRO in red and a limited number in blue.

Washington D.C.
March, 06 2008
The National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution has also requested a set of prints. Will be taking a short trip to D.C. to hand deliver the goods.

History is Now
Feb, 28 2008
The Print and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. has requested a set of posters for the national collection. GoTellMama! is officially part of history. Woot!

Huge Success!
Feb, 09 2008
Wow! opening night of the GTM show was absolutely phenomenal! Thanks to everyone that made it out and has helped this to continue. Looks like we will be taking the show on the road in 2008. We are gonna push this all the way to the convention in August.

Wake-up Call
Jan, 09 2008
The loss in New Hampshire was a good ego check for Obama and his supporters. This thing is NOT over. We have much work to do.

Obama Wins Iowa!
Jan, 03 2008
How big is this?! 38% IN IOWA! From a Dream to a Goal.

Thank You
Dec, 22 2007
Thanks to everyone that braved the cold and came out to the GoTellMama! Party. We raised $1000 which was donated to the Barack Obama campaign. Get ready for the GoTellMama! Art Show coming February 8-10.

Nov, 28 2007
GoTellMama!, Good, Bad, U.S. and Speaking to U.S. videos now downloadable.

Nov, 27 2007
Invited onto to talk about GoTellMama! and getting Barack Obama elected.

GoTellMama! T-shirts
Oct, 7 2007
Thanks to Mike and everyone at Propaganda we now have three t-shirt designs available. Show support in real style!

GoTellMama! Posters
Sept, 20 2007
The Go Tell Mama! screen-printed posters have just arrived. Thanks to the handy work from my friend over at Crosshair. You requested it - so we finally produced a limited edition of these handsome 4-color hand-screened posters.

It's Official...
Sept, 20 2007
CRO was commissioned by the Obama campaign to design an official poster for its up-coming NYC rally. The rally looks to be building as one of the largest Obama rallys to date. Be on the look-out for promotion and posters around the city.

They Once Said
July, 31 2007
Our fifth video in the series. We created this for MSNBC's Hardball Campaign Ad Challenge contest that doesn't really seem to be a 'real' contest. I guess if it's not made with powerpoint, an attack ad or straight-up T&A, it's not worth showing.

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GoTellMama! was an independent grassroots Obama art, video and street campaign which toured the country during the election of 2008 created by Ray Noland and Rebecca Berdel. In the two years leading up to the 2008 election we; hosted 10 art exhibitions in 9 cities, drove over 20,000 miles across the country and were viewed by 80,000 on Youtube.

An exhibition of prints, posters, photographs, and videos that emerged in 2008 as icons of the art movement in support of Barack Obama for President.

Featuring more than 100 works from independent artists and designers and the Obama '08 campaign including Ray Noland's
GoTellMama! poster series, Shepard Fairey's now iconic "Hope" poster, and Sol Sender's Obama '08 logo and branding.

This exhibition is made possible with support from Ken Harman/Obama Art Report and Hal Elliott Wert/Kansas City Art Institute.

April 1 - May 31  
Monday - Saturday, 10AM to 6PM and Sunday, 10AM to 5PM

Tuesday, March 31
VIP & Press Preview, 6PM – 9PM
Live: The GENT$, Shala & Rachel Katzman
With DJs: Million$Mano, DIZ
RSVP Required, visit

Chicago Tourism Center
72 E. Randolph Street
(across from the Chicago Cultural Center)

For more information, visit


Officially Unofficial Artists:
Aaron Allen, Aaron Amaro, Aaron Foster, Aaron Meshon, Above, Alex Fine, Alex Fuller, Alex Pardee, Alex Ross, Antar Dayal, BASK, Benjamin Kuhn, Brian Flynn, Burlesque of North America, Caleb Kozlowski, Chad Mize & Phillip Clark,  Cody Hudson, Coufal Family,  David Choe,  Dawoud Bey, Delicious Design League, Eddie, EMEK, Felix Jackson, Gui Borchert, Hand-Cranked, Ian Malard, James O'Brien, James Widener/Snuffhouse, Jonathan Hoefler, Jorge Rodriguez Gerada, Julian Norman, Lance Wyman, Lowell Thompson, Mac, Manick Sorcar, Mario Terero, Max Estes, Mear One,  Micheal Genovese, Mickalene Thomas, Mike Jacobs, Morning Breath, Munk One, Patrick Moberg, Rafael Lopez, Ray Noland/CRO, Rebecca Berdel, Rene Garcia, Robbie Conal, Robert Indiana, Ron English, Sam Brown, Sam Flores, Sarah Hoskins, Scot Lefavor, Scott Hansen/ISO50, Shana Berry, Shannon Moore, Shepard Fairey/OBEY, Sol Sender, Sonya Fridman, The Date Farmers, Tom Slaughter, Tony Puryear, Tristan Eaton, Tyler Gibney/HVW8, Wes Winship, Yee-Haw Industries, Zoltron

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